November 18, 2019

66 Best Apps For Iphone

Iphone best apps

Iphone best apps

Best Apps For Iphone


What is an Iphone without apps, Currently existing  hundreds of thousands in the App Store, how can you find the right app, or when to spend your money on an app?




SKY.FM Radio

Access more than 60 online streaming radio channels for free. Comes with a usage monitor.


Provides mobile access to thestreaming music service Rdio (requires subscription).

Nanostudio ($13.99)

A complete recording studio for iOS, featuring a sampler, polyphonic synth, effects and a mixer.

Sleep Talk Recorder ($0.99)

Do you or your partner talk in your sleep? Find out!


Identify and discover songs with Shazam.

Amazon Cloud Player

Stream your music from anywhere with an Internet connection, or sync locally for offline listening.

Figure ($0.99)

A music making app from Propellerhead that will have you creating beats and grooves in literally minutes.

Funkbox ($5.99)

A vintage drum machine emulator that’s been used by artists including Gorillaz and Tom Middleton.


Identify unknown songs. Works like Shazam without the monthly limit.

Jango Radio Mobile

Plays customized Internet radio streaming to your iPhone when you want it. Similar to Pandora.

TuneIn Radio

Enjoy over 50,000 radio stations (even AM/FM radio) and stream to speakers via the AirPlay iPhone app.


Radio on demand. On your iPhone.


Listen to the entire Spotify library from your iPhone.


A fantastic radio app that can choose music based on your mood.

Puffin Web Browser

Absolutely need Adobe Flash on your iPhone? Puffin browser can help, try it for free.

Dolphin Browser

Fully loaded, super fast webbrowser that has everything an avid internet user needs

Opera Mini Web browser

The fastest mobile web browser for iPhone. Web pages are compressed to reduce data costs.

Atomic Web Browser ($0.99)

Enables tabbed browsing, private mode, orientation lock while browsing.


Google Chrome on iOS.


Free drawing app that supports layers, multiple brush sizes, colour mixing and more.

Doodle Buddy

Great, simple drawing app. Supports multi-user drawing sessions over Wi-fi.


Accept credit card payments directly on your iPhone. Requires Square card reader.


Gain secure access to your PayPal account to easily manage, send and receive money on the move.

Lose It!

A simple iPhone app to help motivate you to lose weight and track your progress.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

A great alternative to Lose It! Contains a database of over 750K foods and 350 exercises.

Apple Remote

Apple’s free application for controlling your Apple TV with your iPhone.

HippoRemote Lite

Control your Mac remotely via Wi-fi with HippoRemote. Extremely useful when you’re leaned back and enjoying a movie.


Stream movies and TV series directly to your iOS device. Requires a Netflix membership.

MapQuest 4 Mobile

Free voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation powered by MapQuest.

Google Maps

The must-have navigation app for iPhone owners.

Splashtop 2 ($2.99)

Use your computer from your iPhone, remotely with Splashtop’s remote desktop app (requires companion app on your computer).

BTT Remote ($1.99)

A companion app to Better Touch Tool on the Mac (free) that allows you to control your Mac’s many functions with your iPhone.


Simple. Accurate. What else do you need from a weather app?

Find My iPhone

Must-have iPhone app. Allows you to log in and find other missing iOS devices.

iHandy Level

Calibrate your iPhone and use it as a handy water level.


Convert over 80 units including time, volume, length, weight and over 190 currencies.

Wi-Fi Finder

Find free Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere you go.


Discover popular applications and those that have gone free for a limited time.


The popular and incredibly awesome Instagram. It comes with over 15 beautiful effects and the ability to share your creations.

Camera Genius ($0.99)

Equip your iPhone camera with enhanced digital zoom, timer, sound capture, a full screen capture button and more.

Camera Awesome!

Take better pictures faster, with more awesome effects and features than most paid apps.

Clear ($0.99)

A gesture-based list manager with a minimal UI and iCloud support.

Calcbot ($1.99)

A premium calculator app for iOS with a handy expression view, history and advanced functions accessible with a swipe.

Calendars 5 ($6.99)

Formerly known as Calendars+, this powerful to-do app can replace the stock apps with its enhanced Google Calendar sync and beautiful UI.

Dragon Dictation

Allows you to transcribe your notes, emails, SMS, social network status, and reminders.


Securely access all of your Mozy backed-up files via your iPhone.


Access your Dropbox and share documents and images directly on your iOS device.


Jot down notes, to-dos and reminders as they happen. Optional account to backup and sync your thoughts.


Create and edit notes, automatically synced with Dropbox.


A great-looking free app that allows you to manage projects, to-dos, expenses and time spent on a particular task.


Turn your iPhone into an easy to use document scanner


A project-management tool that uses cards and lists, perfectly adapted to the iPhone.


Optimised for iOS devices, allows you to read Kindle books and access the Kindle store.

Pulse News for iPhone

An elegant solution to browse through your favourite websites.


Discover new books, read reviews and keep a virtual bookshelf of the books you’ve read.


Find plenty of new and entreating things on the web.


Awesome way to save articles for reading later on iPhone.


Google’s official app for posting, reading and communicating via the Google+ social network.


Share photos, contacts, videos, songs, and apps by bumping two iOS devices together. Magical.


Get your tweets on the move. Share images and thoughts with your Twitter followers.

Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT

Send short voice and text messages over a data connection.

TripIt – Travel Organiser

Organise your travels. Coupled with an awesome web interface, this app is a must-have.


Get up-to-date currency exchange rates for over 100 currencies and easily convert them to a currency of your choice.

Google Translate

Speak a phrase and the app translates it automatically! Over 50 languages supported.


A fully featured social network for travelers, complete with photos, recommendations and reviews.

Gas Buddy

Provides information on gas prices in your current area.


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