September 25, 2020

20 Troubleshooting Steps To Diagnose and Repair your Mac OS X System

Macbook Repair Miami

Macbook Repair Miami

Steps to Diagnose and Repair your Mac OS X System.

1. Restart

Restart  your system, Many of the times this very simple process resolve many of your issues.

2. Check/fix the file system

There are many different ways to do this. You can boot off the OS X Installation CD, run Disk Utility, and select Repair Disk. If you don’t have access to the CD, you can also run the UNIX           command fsck from the Terminal in Single User Mode. The specific sequence of how to do this varies depending on what version of OS X you’re running. Go to Apple Support for specific instuctions.
Disk Utility will report back whether or not there were any problems, and whether or not it could fix any problems. If it is unable to fix a problem, then you need to get a 3rd party utility, or reformat the disk before doing any other troubleshooting. NOTE: reformatting the disk will erase it, so a 3rd party utility is usually a better idea.

You can also use a 3rd party utility like DiskWarrior or Norton Disk Doctor These 3rd party utilities can fix some kinds of errors that the free Apple tools cannot. (But don’t ever install the Norton components on your hard drive – just run the tools by booting off the Norton CD.)

If there were errors that needed to be fixed, and your software reports that they were all successfully fixed, you may have solved your larger problem.

3. Make sure you’re not running out of free space on the System volume

When the system is running out of memory, it needs to write swap files to your hard drive. If your hard drive is already almost full, then the system will bog down into unusability. Keep tabs on how much free space you have on your boot disk by getting info on that disk in the Finder. Alternatively, you can use the excellent freeware DiskSpace application, which will give you a display of free space on your menubar.
You should have at *least* 500MB to 1GB of free space at all times. Realistically you would want more than that, especially if you plan on burning CD/DVD’s. Remember that even if you have more free space than this when you first booted, swapfiles can eat up diskspace quickly – 2GB or more of swapfiles is not unheard of. So it’s a good idea to have at least 3GB of free space immediately after booting.

To fix: trash unneeded files and applications off of your System volume to free space. And try to create fewer swap files by adding more RAM or running fewer applications simultaneously. Restarting will temporarily get rid of all swap files, but they’ll come back.

4. Repair permissions

Run this in Disk Utility in your normal login. Open Disk Utility in the Applications/Utilities folder. Select the boot drive ( probably “Macintosh HD” ), click on the First Aid tab and click the Repair Permissions button. See if this cures the problem.

5.  Create a new user account. 

You do this by creating a new user in the Accounts tab of System Preferences, logging out of your main account, and logging into the new account. If this makes the problem go away, it means the cause is in your user account.

While it’s good that we know approximately where the problem is, unfortunately there’s a lot of stuff in the user account to pick through. And now you will have to do some serious troubleshooting. Oftentimes, this will be a preferences file in ~/Library/Preferences/. If you can pinpoint that one bad file, you’re done. If you have no idea what’s going on you can try the laborious process of keeping that new account you made, and bringing over the files one by one until you find the one that was the problem. Even easier is to ask an expert if it’s a frequently seen problem, first letting them know that it was a problem in your user account.

6. Clear system & user caches

Use a third party tool like Cocktail or Disk Warrior / Panther Cache Cleaner  to deep clean all caches. Reboot. See if this cures the problem.

7. Disable Application Enhancer, if you’re running it

Haxies from Unsanity. They’re great, and they’re pretty well programmed, but they’re hacking the system in non-standard ways. Unsanity claims that APE will be disabled by holding down the shift key while logging in. However, if you want to be ultra-safe about it, download the APE installer from Unsanity and use the ‘uninstaller’ option to remove all traces.

8.  Startup in SafeBoot mode, and see if the problem continues

You do this by holding down the shift key during bootup. If this makes the problem disappear, then it is a problem with Extensions or StartupItems. And most likely, those would be 3rd party Extensions or StartupItems. Most of those are kept in /Library/Extensions/ and /Library/StartupItem/. Move those items to the desktop, and see if you can isolate which one was causing the trouble. There are also some 3rd party extensions that are *annoyingly* installed in /System/Library/Extension/, however you must be very very careful mucking around in there, as almost all of those Extensions are supplied by Apple, and your machine will not function without them. Use common sense, and ask the experts.

9.  Reset Firmware

Resetting your firmware will reset all firmware settings back to factory defaults. Things like the boot rom, power management, etc. are found in the firmware. To do this hold down the following buttons on your keyboard at boot up: cmd+opt+O+F. Once in open firmware type these commands:

reset-nvram (hit return)
reset-all (hit return once more, the system should reboot)

10. Unplug all USB, Firewire devices except Apple mouse

Reboot with everything unplugged. If this makes the problem go away, then you have a bad external device, bad cable, or bad port on your computer. Try to isolate which one it is. Be especially wary of USB hubs.

11. Reapply the latest combo updater

Download the latest OS X updater from Apple. These updaters come in 2 flavors, an updater which will only update the next most recent version of the OS, and a combo updater, which will update all versions since the last paid update. You want the combo updater. It will be labeled as the combo updater, and it will be much larger than the normal updaters – around 80MB at this time. Find the updater on Apply the updater, even if your system version number is already up to date. See if this cures the problem.

12. Run the Apple hardware diagnostic CD

Boot off the CD by restarting while holding down the C key on the keyboard. See if you get any useful information.

13.  Check the hard drive for bad blocks

One way of doing this is to try to re-initialize your drive using Drive Setup from the OS X Installation disk. Unfortunately, this will wipe out all of your data, so back up first, if that’s the route you go. If the initialization fails, your disk is worthless garbage and must be replaced.

You can use the TechTool Deluxe CD that came with the Apple Protection Plan to check for bad blocks. Norton Disk Doctor will also allow you to test for bad blocks without erasing your disk using the Check Media option. Other 3rd party disk utilities may allow this as well. Hearing odd noises coming from your drive is a tip-off that this may be your trouble.

14.  Take out 3rd party RAM

See if this cures the problem.

15.  Unplug 3rd Party PCI cards

If this solves the problem, replace the cards one by one until you identify the problematic card. Contact the manufacturer to see if updated drivers are available.

16.  Reset PMU

The PMU’s (Power Management Unit’s) location, and how to reset it, varies by machine. Go to Apple Support to find out how to do it for your particular machine. See if this cures the problem. Typically this will fix issues when your system will not power on.

Make sure you only hold in the PMU button for a second. DO NOT hold it in for any longer and DO NOT press it more than once. If you do this it could result in corrupting the PMU itself.

17.  Archive and Install OS X

This will archive user/network settings and replace your current system folder with a new one. Boot off your OS X cd and run through the install as normal. Once you get to the screen where you select which hard drive you want to put the OS on there should be an options button under the hard drive. Select it and then select the archive and reinstall button. Then proceed through the install as normal. This may or may not fix your problem, and it can save you time from copying back ups back over, resetting user preferences, and reinstalling applications.

18.  Reinstall the system from scratch

This step is annoying and time consuming, which is why we’ve saved it for second to last. It requires erasing your hard drive, so you’ll have to either back up, or lose, all of your data.

19.  Send the machine back to Apple

This step is very annoying, very time-consuming, and if the machine is out of warranty, can be very very expensive. So try a couple of the other steps first. Call Apple Support to arrange a pickup or locate an an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

20.  Additional Notes

Uninstall Antivirus Products if you’ve installed them

I have ran my Mac for the past 7 years  and still never seen a Virus until today.

Check your error logs
Check your system logs to see if there is anything relevant to your problem listed there. To do so simply go to the apple menu and select about this computer. A window will pop up displaying some basic information about your computer. Click on the more info button at the bottom of the window. This will bring up Apple System Profiler (ASP). The last tab furthest to the right of the ASP will be labled “Logsâ€? click on it and then select console. It should list error messages related to each application you are having problems with.

Start your system in verbose mode
Start up your computer in verbose mode, hold down cmd+V at start up. You will see the a bunch of text scroll down the screen as everything starts up. Look for anything that gives an error message and record it. Try doing Google searches, or search forums to see if the problem has already been discussed and a known fix has been established. A lot of times you can find fixes on these forums, they are a great tool.

ESD safety is important when working inside your computer
You do not want to damage any component when removing it. Refer to the manual that came with your computer, or Apple Support on the web.

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How To Get Rid Of – remove popup Virus

Remove virusHow to remove popup virus

This Morning I woke up to this mess…. This annoying Malware in my computer,  so I decided to post how to get rid of it.  Here’s is some information on how this bug works…….. popup Virus is identified as a type of browser hijacker based on a kind of Malware. It is design to corrupt the internet browser and compromise the target system by the designer. Once it installed on the machine,  this bug will destroy it aggressively. The first thing is not avoiding, it will take over the default browser and then make a serious mess. This redirect virus can affect all kinds of web browsers such as Internet Explorer,   Google Chrome,   and Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. this virus will change the DNS, homepage, search secretly. Every time you enter an URL, you’d be redirected to, or unwanted web pages that you haven’t heard of before,  which may contain a bunch of malicious  code like popup ads or links. The annoying thing is that this site looks like a useful search engine, but it just can provide you unwanted search results when you open a new tab or click a link online. The most troublesome thing is no matter you try to restore the previous settings to stop rerouting you to unwanted websites, it will come back again. popup Virus is a hijack browser that can hijack your homepage and change it into its own domain. As long as this virus sneaks into your computer, it will alter your browser, DNS  settings in the background, so your search results change into or other unwanted one.  As a resulting factor, you are redirected to some sites  with many  popup ads which will slow down your system performance, and makes violent changes to your browser.  To keep a normal and save browser and your information safely, please remove or uninstall from your computer.  Here’s How.

Common Antivirus programs and cleaners will not get rid of this annoying bug as of today,  however here’s a manual way to squash this bug once in for all

How to stop/ remove pop Virus (hijacker browser)

1.  Stop any related running processes with popup Virus

Virus Removal Miami


2.  Check Hosts file s and delete them.

%Profil%\Local Settings\Temp\


3.  Find out and remove any malicious entries.

Start – Run- and type regedit, then find this files and removed them

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\webbrowser
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “.exe”


4. Reset Homepage.
Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer->select Tools->Internet Option->General.

Virus Removal Miami

5. Repair Search Engine

Internet Explorer

Open your Internet Explorer->Tools> Manage Add-ons> Search Providers->Remove any unnecessary Search Engines from the list  and make a sure search engine you prefer as your default  search engine.



Open your Mozilla Firefox-Tools Search Icon (Magnify Glass, Arrow) – Manage Search Engines-Remove any unnecessary Search  Engines from the list and make a certain search engine you prefer as your default search engine.


Google Chrome.

Open your Google Chrome-Wrench Icon- Settings- Manage Search Engines–Remove any unnecessary Search Engines from the list and make a certain search engine you prefer as your default search engine.


6. Clear cookies and browse settings on every browser

Up to Date very few antivirus software can remove the remove popup Virus, but it continues to come back.

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How To SEO With Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird,SEO in Miami, Computer Repair Miami

Understanding Google Hummingbird

Some of you have been affected by the new Google Hummingbird update. and are trying to and are probably wondering the new ways in which Google will rank your new or old website.  This article will reveal and teach you what changes should be follow for new google Ranking. I have noticed that the sites that were not affected, had a very dynamic website,  a built in Blog,  with lots and lots of informational Content.  Whatever the case might be,  hopefully this post will help you recover old sites, and properly set up new sites.


 Content Must Be Helpful

Through the new Hummingbird Google is looking to provide more accurate answers to all the questions. You need to understand your business and what questions your customers are asking, and develop solutions across as many platforms.  For example  your website, Google Plus and relevant communities,  Youtube etc. Always keep in mind that if you are meeting the expectations and answering questions to your audience, you are more likely to rank High in Google. I personally like the concept that you need to create lots of  related content in order to rank higher. 


Content Needs to  Have Authority

Google continues its concern in finding content that is related and trusted,  in other words content with authority. There’s many ways to show authority, which is by including references and links from high ranking websites and Social Media signals. That is to say a way to link content to your Google Plus profile, since Google is increasingly the engine of your personal online identity.  Once you become an authority on a specific field, you will gain trust from your content articles, and your reputation will increase  in relevant subject areas.  there’s really no prove that Google rank of  authorship will benefit your content ranking, however I believe content has a positive impact on search traffic and rankings.


Mobile Use

Mobile use continues to grow. Today a great deal of online searches are on Mobile devices. A great number of people are now using mobile specifically for Searches. For particulars searches such as Gas prices, Restaurants etc. the search is as much as 59% reported by Yelp.  Google is increasingly focusing on improvements to the Mobile Search, it’s simpler, cleaner for search results for the answers you’re looking for. Google understands the great importance of mobile devices and will  mold future SEO, and marketing strategies.

Google understands that people are looking for simpler ways to get results and Voice Search is a perfect method for it. Google sees this and the Hummingbird Algorithm is designed to carry much  better results for mobile users. IT also recognizes that people are no longer  searching for a specific  keyword, but are asking in a more natural way, such as an answer to a question.


Helpful Content

Google Hummingbird was design to provide more accurate results to queries. it’s very important as a marketer to understand what questions your customers have, and how they are asking it.  Google planner is an amazing tool that will help marketers estimate to make  easier to plan search campaigns.  Through Hummingbird Google is searching for the most accurate answers to questions people may have. it’s trying to understand, the intent of a search criteria to provide the best results. If you’re addressing the needs of your spectators you’re more likely to rank much higher, as opposed to the site that is not providing relevant content.

What is Content Marketing? Why is it so Important?

Content marketing is about contributing beneficial  information or content to current and potential customers for the motive of building branding, awareness, trust, and positive sentiment.

Types of content that typically form a content marketing strategy include:

  • Blog posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • E-books
  • Email newsletters
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Standard videos
  • Micro-videos (ie, Vine)
  • Social media posts
  • Live presentations
  • Webinars
  • White papers


 Google Plus Suggestions 

Here are the best suggestions for using social factors from Google+ to improve your online presence in search on Google:

  •  Improve and Get more of +1s on each page of your website .Social endorsement by an individual — and by his or her friends — plays a significant part in the ranking on Google. This happens both through Google personal results through Google Search Plus Your web, it works the same  through the natural results. Google now includes the +1 as a ranking factor in search results.
  • Grow your page audience /  link that to your website. Linking your Google+ Page to your website gives additional dominance to your site by establishing that your website has a strong audience of followers. Not only does this boost ranking in search results,  but it enhances  more opportunities for Google to display your page and website more prominently  in search results.
  • Link authors of content to their Google+ profiles  and focus your content around people. Early studies show that content linked to real authors makes rank higher in Google  results. But even if it did not,  hen you link your authors to their Google+ profiles through your website,  you’re increasing their visibility in Google  results.As a consequence, searchers’ eyes are drawn to your results over those  of your competitors, regardless of ranking. You’ll see more click-throughout  this way.
  • Post lots of content on your Google+ Page and your employees’ Google+ /  Link Back to Website: Content truly is key.  Google+ allows you  to post lots of it. Post as often as you can to your Google+ Page and link it back to your website. Get your employees, customers, and fans to do the same.  The more you do this, the more your content will appear in Google search results — and the more  visibility your brand will have.










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Choosing The Right – IT Computer Support – Company

Guide tо hеlр yoυ choose thе Rіght IT Computer Support Company

it computer support,  tips it computer support companies

Hеrе iѕ а list оf 10 important guidelines that will help you choose thе rіght IT computer support Company


Important Tips & Guidelines to Follow


1. Iѕ thе IT Computer Support provider thе rіght size fоr уou? Therе iѕ nо оne service provider thаt іѕ rіght fоr еverуоnе. If уоυ arе а smaller business, yoυ wіll nevеr havе access tо thе bеѕt talent оf а large IT computer support provider, dеѕpіtе thеіr glossy ads. If уoυ аrе а large business, а small service provider wіll simply nоt bе аble tо cоmе thrоugh wіth sufficient support, dеѕріtе thеіr cheery claims. Aѕk а provider: Whаt hарреnѕ whеn technicians gо оn holidays? If аn assigned technician isn’t sυrе hоw tо beѕt solve mу problem, whаt’s уоur policy fоr supporting hіm аnd mе?

2. Cаn thе IT computer support provider hеlp уоυ develop уоur vision? It’s great tо feel lіke yoυ’rе gеttіng results аnd saving money today, bυt уou nеed tо knоw а provider іѕ thinking оf thе longer-term big picture аnd уоur business plans. Aѕk а provider: Whу dо yоur solutions make sense fоr mе nоt јust nоw bυt оvеr mу nехt thrее years? In whаt specific ways havе yоυ factored іn oυr potential growth аnd changing nеedѕ?

3. Doеs thе provider hаvе technical depth? Yоu аrе faced wіth balancing price agaіnѕt competency. Althоυgh highly skilled technicians cost morе, thеy саn turn а threе-hour solution intо а thirty-minute оne. Thіѕ іѕ thе benefit оf thеir experience. Aѕk а provider: Hоw long hаve yoυ beеn іn business doіng thіs? Hоw long haѕ thе technician уou arе sending mе beеn dоing thiѕ? Hоw manу times hаvе yоυ implemented thе technology I nееd?

4. Dоes thе IT computer support provider hаve technical breadth? Mоst providers sell thе оnе product thаt thеy knоw. Lооk fоr аn unbiased assessment оf уoυr options frоm а provider wіth expertise іn а variety оf competing technologies. A provider ѕhoυld address nоt јυѕt features bυt alѕo compatibility, serviceability, familiarity аnd training, stability, licensing, аnd future planned releases. Aѕk а provider: Whiсh оf thе thrее major networking technologies (Windows, Netware, аnd Unix) dо yоυ havе expertise іn? Hоw mаnу times hаvе yоυ deployed еасh оf thеѕe technologies? Whаt аrе thе strengths аnd weaknesses оf eасh оf thesе technologies?

5. Iѕ thе provider diligent wіth thе basics? Thе latest аnd greatest technology iѕ fun, bυt thеre аrе а lot оf “boring” essentials thаt mυѕt bе addressed. A good provider shоυld raise thеse issues aѕ mandatory considerations: hardware redundancy, system backup аnd recovery plans, preventative If а provider doesn’t mention thоѕe things, trу askіng: Othеr thаn features аnd power, whаt аrе ѕomе оthеr important considerations whеn deploying technology?

6. Doеѕ the IT computer support provider understand уоur business issues? Technology іѕ а means tо аn end, thаt end bеing уоυr thriving business. “Geeks” knоw computers, bυt уоυ neеd а service provider wіth firѕt-hand experience іn real business issues. Yoυ nеed thеm tо spell оut hоw thеir solutions specifically address thе pains оf running уоur business. Aѕk а provider: Hоw dоeѕ yоur solution hеlр mе understand mу customers аnd improve mу business? Hоw doеs thіѕ technology improve thе productivity оf mу staff? Whаt risk dоеѕ thіs technology introduce? Hоw wіll уоυ hеlр mе realistically plan fоr аnd manage аll thе costs involved?

7. Dоes thе provider offer service agreements thаt foster thе rіght relationship? Networks аnd computers аrе nоt а оnе-shot deal—theу alwаyѕ require lots оf planning аnd support. Thе rіght service agreement helps develop а great relationship. Service agreements thаt exchange уоυr commitment fоr а price break arе common. Lооk fоr extras thаt helр yоυ wіth planning аnd logistics ѕuсh аs manufacturer’s warranties, аnd software аnd licensing programs. Aѕk а provider: Whіch service agreement dо yоu recommend аnd whу іѕ іt thе beѕt option fоr bоth оf υѕ?

8. Dоeѕ thе IT computer support provider’s service offering include Internet? Thеse days а business network muѕt extend аll thе wаy tо thе Internet. Usіng mоrе thаn оne provider tо dо thіs means yоu bear thе cost оf coordinating thеѕе dіffеrеnt services. Onе provider sауѕ thеy cаn’t proceed untіl thе оther provider doеs somеthіng, аnd back аnd fоrth уоυ gо. Aѕk а provider: Whеn wе nееd а nеw Internet connection оr e-mail account, hоw manу phone calls dо I havе tо make? If I hаvе yоu cо-ordinate wіth thе Internet service provider, whаt additional fee dо I pay? Whо іs responsible fоr providing аnd updating mу firewall, anti-virus аnd antispyware protection?

9. Cаn yоυ gеt direct access tо thе service provider? Challenge а provider оn еxactly hоw thеіr customer service rеаllу works. Aѕk а provider: Whеn I call уоυ, wіll I gеt а computer voice menu оr wіll I gеt а human? Whеn I call, сan I deal wіth thе ѕаmе person оr wіll I gеt shuffled tо dіfferent departments fоr diffеrent issues?

10. Dоeѕ thе IT computer support provider оbviоuѕly enjoy whаt theу dо? Yoυ nееd mоrе thаn competency іn а provider— yоυ nееd thеm tо bе excited bу whаt thеу dо. Computer networks аrе fun whеn уou trυlу understand thеіr power tо hеlр уoυ gеt stuff accomplished. A disinterested provider wіll nоt stay uр tо date оn nеw technology аnd nеw security risks, wіll nоt care аbоυt уоur specifics, аnd wіll trу feeding yоυ template solutions. Aѕk аn IT computer support provider: Whаt motivates yоυ tо dо thе work уоu dо?

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