January 21, 2021

How To SEO With Google Hummingbird

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Understanding Google Hummingbird

Some of you have been affected by the new Google Hummingbird update. and are trying to and are probably wondering the new ways in which Google will rank your new or old website.  This article will reveal and teach you what changes should be follow for new google Ranking. I have noticed that the sites that were not affected, had a very dynamic website,  a built in Blog,  with lots and lots of informational Content.  Whatever the case might be,  hopefully this post will help you recover old sites, and properly set up new sites.


 Content Must Be Helpful

Through the new Hummingbird Google is looking to provide more accurate answers to all the questions. You need to understand your business and what questions your customers are asking, and develop solutions across as many platforms.  For example  your website, Google Plus and relevant communities,  Youtube etc. Always keep in mind that if you are meeting the expectations and answering questions to your audience, you are more likely to rank High in Google. I personally like the concept that you need to create lots of  related content in order to rank higher. 


Content Needs to  Have Authority

Google continues its concern in finding content that is related and trusted,  in other words content with authority. There’s many ways to show authority, which is by including references and links from high ranking websites and Social Media signals. That is to say a way to link content to your Google Plus profile, since Google is increasingly the engine of your personal online identity.  Once you become an authority on a specific field, you will gain trust from your content articles, and your reputation will increase  in relevant subject areas.  there’s really no prove that Google rank of  authorship will benefit your content ranking, however I believe content has a positive impact on search traffic and rankings.


Mobile Use

Mobile use continues to grow. Today a great deal of online searches are on Mobile devices. A great number of people are now using mobile specifically for Searches. For particulars searches such as Gas prices, Restaurants etc. the search is as much as 59% reported by Yelp.  Google is increasingly focusing on improvements to the Mobile Search, it’s simpler, cleaner for search results for the answers you’re looking for. Google understands the great importance of mobile devices and will  mold future SEO, and marketing strategies.

Google understands that people are looking for simpler ways to get results and Voice Search is a perfect method for it. Google sees this and the Hummingbird Algorithm is designed to carry much  better results for mobile users. IT also recognizes that people are no longer  searching for a specific  keyword, but are asking in a more natural way, such as an answer to a question.


Helpful Content

Google Hummingbird was design to provide more accurate results to queries. it’s very important as a marketer to understand what questions your customers have, and how they are asking it.  Google planner is an amazing tool that will help marketers estimate to make  easier to plan search campaigns.  Through Hummingbird Google is searching for the most accurate answers to questions people may have. it’s trying to understand, the intent of a search criteria to provide the best results. If you’re addressing the needs of your spectators you’re more likely to rank much higher, as opposed to the site that is not providing relevant content.

What is Content Marketing? Why is it so Important?

Content marketing is about contributing beneficial  information or content to current and potential customers for the motive of building branding, awareness, trust, and positive sentiment.

Types of content that typically form a content marketing strategy include:

  • Blog posts
  • Guest blog posts
  • E-books
  • Email newsletters
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Standard videos
  • Micro-videos (ie, Vine)
  • Social media posts
  • Live presentations
  • Webinars
  • White papers


 Google Plus Suggestions 

Here are the best suggestions for using social factors from Google+ to improve your online presence in search on Google:

  •  Improve and Get more of +1s on each page of your website .Social endorsement by an individual — and by his or her friends — plays a significant part in the ranking on Google. This happens both through Google personal results through Google Search Plus Your web, it works the same  through the natural results. Google now includes the +1 as a ranking factor in search results.
  • Grow your page audience /  link that to your website. Linking your Google+ Page to your website gives additional dominance to your site by establishing that your website has a strong audience of followers. Not only does this boost ranking in search results,  but it enhances  more opportunities for Google to display your page and website more prominently  in search results.
  • Link authors of content to their Google+ profiles  and focus your content around people. Early studies show that content linked to real authors makes rank higher in Google  results. But even if it did not,  hen you link your authors to their Google+ profiles through your website,  you’re increasing their visibility in Google  results.As a consequence, searchers’ eyes are drawn to your results over those  of your competitors, regardless of ranking. You’ll see more click-throughout  this way.
  • Post lots of content on your Google+ Page and your employees’ Google+ /  Link Back to Website: Content truly is key.  Google+ allows you  to post lots of it. Post as often as you can to your Google+ Page and link it back to your website. Get your employees, customers, and fans to do the same.  The more you do this, the more your content will appear in Google search results — and the more  visibility your brand will have.










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Create a Google Plus Business Page in 4 Steps. IT Business Consultant


As an IT Business Consultant,  If you don’t have a Google Plus Account, you’re missing on some serious business

Here’s is how to create one in 4 Steps


To create a Google Plus page, you must first have a personal profile.

1.  From your profile you can click “Pages” in the left-hand menu.

2.  The second step involves choosing a category that defines your business. If you’re a location-based business, like a Clothing shopt or Restaurant, you’ll likely select “local business or store.” Entering your phone number will allow Google to find your business, confirm the information you enter is correct,  and find your location on Google maps. Enter your external website, select who your content is appropriate for, review Google Plus terms and select continue. You now have a Google Plus page.

3.  The third step to create a Google Plus page involves filling out your page to make it informative for followers (and potential customers). This includes describing your business, entering contact information like phone #, and email address, as well as choosing a branded profile photo (often a company’s logo).

4.  Finally, companies should put in the extra effort to make their Google Plus page visually appealing. Add appropriate branding, from a captivating cover photo to interesting photos and videos that show what you’re all about. If you’re a boutique you can post some fun behind-the-scenes footage from your spring photo shoot. If you’re a jewelry store, photos of scrumptious daily specials can draw in new customers. Also, include external links to your other web properties (website, Pinterest page, Tumblr, etc.) to help your Google search placement.




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