August 13, 2020

Computer Repair Miramar Fl.

computer repair miramar fl.

computer repair miramar fl.

7 Steps on how to Avoid  Computer Viruses Computer Repair Miramar Fl.

Signs that your Computer has been infected

This Blog has been design by Computer Repair Miramar Pembroke Pines Fl. to help users to stay save from Computer Viruses


1.  Slower than Usual System  When you noticed that your desktop or laptop is starting to slow down in performance, this should definitely be a heads up. Make sure your paid antivirus software is up to date.  and if possible run some additional Virus scanners.

2. Random connections to unknown websites.  You’ll get an alert from your legitimate anti-virus software telling you that an application is trying to connect to a website you’ve never heard of. If not, you will  automatically be directed to those websites

3.Unexpected images. You might see popups of pornography images or softwares for sale, or Companies advertising their products,  or even a unknown antivirus Programs  scanning your system, That is a true sign that your have being infected the Spyware.

4. Avoid clicking on everything. There are thousands of popups, and banner ads  on the internet that are designed to grab your attention and make you click. Due to the way most  browsers work, there are very few     ways for you to get infected with something online UNLESS you click on it  yourself.  Meaning, you should avoid clicking on banners for offers that  are too good to be true.

  • Make sure your browser is configured to always ask before running files and downloading automatically. If you have to confirm everything, you are much less likely to get infected.

5. Clear your Browser cache. Popups will store information in your browser’s cache, leading to them reappearing constantly. To help prevent this, clear your browser’s cache regularly. I personally do it every two to three  days.


6. Install an antivirus program. A Paid  antivirus program will actively protect your computer from virus infections by scanning active programs and performing scheduled full-system scans. There are free antivirus    programs that come with basic virus protection, such as AVG, Antivir, and Avast, but trust me they offer minimum protection. I personally use Kaspersky Antivirus, or Kaspersky Internet Security.  I have found by  experience that this is by far offers the best protection for Window’s Operating Sytems. ( If you need to obtain a license  contact me $25.00 as opposed to buying it out there for $65.00 and Up)

  • You should only have one antivirus installed at a time in order to avoid conflicts.
  • Scan your computer at least weekly, more often if you are heavy internet user.
  • An antivirus program is not a foolproof system, and should not replace good browsing habits and common sense.

Keep Windows updated. Windows OS as well as Softwares are very vulnerable and many viruses and other malicious programs exploit holes within them. These holes are quickly patched by Microsoft, and updates are made available for all legitimate copies of Windows. if you don’t keep your copy of Windows updated,  your system will be exposed. In order to ensure that you’re always protected, make sure that Windows is set to update automatically.

  • If you are using Windows XP, upgrade immediately. Support for Windows XP will end on April 8, 2014. This means that any exploitable cracks found after that date will no longer be fixed, and Windows XP will become very insecure. For more information please contact us for free advise at 305-710-3960


7.  Consider a different browser. I personally stay away from Internet Explore due to its vulnerability. Browsers such as Firefox, Chrome,  and Opera are much more secure  Firefox, for example, has a large array of  privacy and security add-ons  that will help protect you online.

  • If you don’t want to switch browsers, make sure that it is always up to date  to help prevent virus attacks.



I hope this Blog can help all my friends in Broward County Fl.  by Computer Repair Miramar Fl.

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