November 22, 2019

How To Manage Social Media With Your Kids

How To Manage Social Media With Your Kids

How Social Networks Can Both Help & Harm Our Kids

How to manage social media with your kids in Today’s  Internet world.

Our children are being exposed at a very early age to online technology. Many of the software and Websites are geared towards them, allowing  to get a head start in their education such as reading and math. However there is a big difference to allow our children to use these software rather than to allow them to be curious Online with a focus on Social Media.

It’s essentially important to think of your role as a parent  in your child’s social media experience as an extension of your parenting.  We as Parents are there to discipline, teach, guide, help, and make them learn, and understand the do’s and don’ts about Social Media. It’s very important that they see you are there to monitor as an authoritative and protective figure, and not as an you invading their Privacy.

Parents should not look at these behaviors as overstepping the boundaries of your children,  I personally don’t see nothing wrong knowing our children’s social media account passwords, and monitor their use. Of course I believe that prior to doing this both parents and children have agreed upon the expectations of their online use. This is will teach them to build good online habits.

Parents, keep in mind that that anything posted online will remain quite permanent for years,  those photos and comments  you post on social media channels today, will stay around for many years to come, potentially damaging your child’s online reputation in future years. Parents should really think and plan very carefully about creating a positive digital footprint for their children. This is done by educating at a very early age.  Once Again,  we as parents should place focus in our kids technology habits as an extension of parenting.

Start Protecting your kid’s online reputation and privacy as you should decide are they ready for  Social Media Exposure.

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