January 20, 2021

New Apple’s M7 Motion Sensing Co processor for Iphone 5s

Apple’s M7 Motion Sensing Coprocessor learn what it does for your new Iphone 5s

The M7 is already a boon to the iPhone 5s without any third-party app support – it makes the iPhone more intelligent in terms of when to activate certain features and when to slow things down

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Read More:  http://techcrunch.com/2013/09/15/apples-m7-motion-sensing-coprocessor-is-the-wizard-behind-the-curtain-for-the-iphone-5s/




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Create a Google Plus Business Page in 4 Steps. IT Business Consultant


As an IT Business Consultant,  If you don’t have a Google Plus Account, you’re missing on some serious business

Here’s is how to create one in 4 Steps


To create a Google Plus page, you must first have a personal profile.

1.  From your profile you can click “Pages” in the left-hand menu.

2.  The second step involves choosing a category that defines your business. If you’re a location-based business, like a Clothing shopt or Restaurant, you’ll likely select “local business or store.” Entering your phone number will allow Google to find your business, confirm the information you enter is correct,  and find your location on Google maps. Enter your external website, select who your content is appropriate for, review Google Plus terms and select continue. You now have a Google Plus page.

3.  The third step to create a Google Plus page involves filling out your page to make it informative for followers (and potential customers). This includes describing your business, entering contact information like phone #, and email address, as well as choosing a branded profile photo (often a company’s logo).

4.  Finally, companies should put in the extra effort to make their Google Plus page visually appealing. Add appropriate branding, from a captivating cover photo to interesting photos and videos that show what you’re all about. If you’re a boutique you can post some fun behind-the-scenes footage from your spring photo shoot. If you’re a jewelry store, photos of scrumptious daily specials can draw in new customers. Also, include external links to your other web properties (website, Pinterest page, Tumblr, etc.) to help your Google search placement.




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Google Chromecast, Already a Hit!!!

chromecastGoogle Chromecast

Google unveiled Chromecast , a device that looks  set to rival Apple TV.

Google announced their new Chromecast device, a very small stick thing that plugs into your TV and allows you to play videos or music on your TV. It costs $35, and if you’re a Netflix subscriber you will get credited 3 months free,  bringing the price essentially down to $11.00 so people are very excited about it.

Google Chromecast, essentially bit more than an HDMI dongle, is Google’s first foray into the media streaming market,  and it works in some  way to Apple TV and the firm’s Airplay technology.

Google showed off the Chromecast dongle, which measures little more than 2 inches,  at an event in San Francisco .  They explained, With Google Chromecast, all you have to really do is plug it into any HDMI input on your Television, sync  to your home WiFi network, and you’re ready to go .  It simply disappears behind your TV.

Once Chromecast is plugged in, if you want to watch Youtube on your TV, you simply go to the same Youtube app on your laptop or tablet and press the Chromecast button to play it on your TV.

Google boasts that unlike Apple TV and Apple’s Airplay technology, Chromecast works in multiple operating systems, such as, Windows iOS, and Mac OS X . This was demonstrated using  Netflix on an iPhone, an app that supports the chromecast” button to fire the footage onto the TV.

Also unlike Apple’s Airplay technology, users can continue to use their tablets and phones  for browsing the web and sending emails while streaming to their TVs.

As well as enabling users to stream House of Cards from their phone to their TV, Chromecast also supports music playback and tabs within the Chrome browser, so you can share an open webpage with your television.

Google Chromecast is available in the US for just $35.


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