January 20, 2021

Alcatel OmniSwitch 6850-48X Information


OmniSwitch 6850-48X Information

The difference between a GUI and a CLI is that GUI refers to Graphical User Interface while CLI refers to Command Line Interface. GUI is a type of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices with images rather than text commands. CLI is a mechanism for interacting with a computer operating system or software by typing commands to perform specific tasks.

Below you may find links with references about user Guide and CLI  for the OmniSwitch  6850-48x switch models


OmniSwitch 6850-48X

Alcatel Switch











The Graphical User Interface or GUI in the Alcatel Switch is very user friendly

This OmniSwitch 6800/6850/9000 Switch Management Guide describes basic attributes of your switch and
basic switch administration tasks. The software features described in this manual are shipped standard with
your OmniSwitch 6800 Series, OmniSwitch 6850 Series, and OmniSwitch 9000 Series switches. These
features are used when readying a switch for integration into a live network environment.


OmniSwitch 6850-48X CLI Guide

OmniSwitch 6850-48X CLI Guide

Click hereFor More Inf on OmniSwitch CLI Reference Guide



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