May 23, 2019

Wireless Networking

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At Sunshine Onsite Technology, not only do we help you setup your wireless networking at home or office to be able to print wireless from your Iphone, Ipads, wireless android devices, or to be able to access the Internet at the comfort any location within your premises. but we provide  efficient and cost effective ways in which all your wireless networking devices are running flawless.  Allow the technology experts to help you migrate your wired technology to wireless networking.

Some Inf. About Wireless Networks

A wireless computer network offers several  advantages compared to a wired network . Advantages of wireless technology include mobility portability and freedom of movement and elimination of unsightly cables. Disadvantages of wireless include additional security concerns,  plus the potential for radio interference, due to weather, other wireless devices, or obstructions such as walls.

To build or access into a wireless network requires certain types of computer hardware. Portable devices like phones and tablets feature built-in wireless radios. Wireless  broadband routers  power many home networks. Other kinds of equipment include external adapters and range extenders. This sometime can be confusing at the time of setup, ,  let the IT Professionals at Sunshine Onsite Technology help you choose the best Wireless Networking  technology that is right for you. 

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