June 20, 2021

Computer Repair

Sunshine On-Site Technology, Inc. Performs all type of Computer Repair . Our Certified technicians are professionally-trained and have combined experience of more than 50 years. Most computer repair performed in our facilities are completed within 24 hours. At Sunshine On-Site Technology, we keep the computer parts you need in stock, which allows us to maintain a quick turnaround time.

Computer Repair & Diagnostics:

Sunshine On-Site Technology can perform a free diagnostics on your machine to help pinpoint the problem and minimize computer repair times.

Computer Repair  Mac Repair & Virus Removal:

At  Sunshine On-Site Technology can safely and completely remove a virus & malware from your computer. We have a complete line of virus removal tools along with the technical expertise to make sure your computer is virus free.

Computer Repair & Upgrades:

Is that old computer too slow for your new software? Sunshine On-Site Technology can help! Bring in your old machine and get a free upgrade evaluation. We’ll recommend the right parts to speed up your machine, and we will install them too.

Emergency Services:

On-Site Technology offers  computer repair priority service to customers who have special needs or use their computers to run their business .

We Service And Repair All Major Brands of Computers including Apple Products.

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