May 17, 2021

Miami Internet Services

Miami Internet ServicesMiami Internet Services

When you need Internet access, Sunshine On-Site Technology can provide you with the knowledge and experience to ensure you have the services you need at the price you want.

With the vast number of  Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and service plans available, Sunshine On-Site Technology uses our partnerships with local and national ISP’s to provide you with the plan that best fits your business needs.

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Sunshine Onsite Technology Partners with the Biggest Players, in the Miami Internet Service arena such as:

Find the Ideal Internet Service Provider

We will help you find the best Miami Internet Service provider that best fits your Technology needs. We are only a phone call away.

Comcast    Earthlink    Windstream   BroadSmart   Century Link    ATT  


What is Bandwith:

Bandwidth is the rate at which data is transferred over an Internet connection,  usually expressed as bits/second. This metric doesn’t take into account the quality of the Internet signal;  it simply includes the amount of data sent.

What is DSL:

Digital subscriber line DSL is a type of  “always on”  high-speed Internet access,  which is delivered through telephone lines. Unlike a dial up connection DLS is  “always on” and doesn’t require dialing in or disconnecting”.

What does MBPS Means:

Mbps, or Mb/s stands for megabits per second. This is the metric used to define the rate at which bits transfer over a network connection or the bandwidth of an Internet connection.

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