May 17, 2021

Realtors Can Now View MLS on Mac. Here’s How!!!

How to Run MLS  MLX on a Mac



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As an IT consultant I come across many Realtor companies, tired of their windows PC, and looking forward a Mac upgrade.  The only problem I hear all the time is that they cannot access their MLX  MLS on Mac, because it’s only compatible to Internet Explorer.

For many years I’ve being able to help realtors run their MLS on Macs. here’s a quick way in which they can do it.

First of all,  there is many ways of doing it, however most realtors feel more confortable creating a virtual machine with VMware Fusion

1.  You must first go to download Fusion  <—  CLICK HERE –>  download and install the software.

VMware Fusion has a feature called Easy Install, which makes it faster to install Windows in virtual machines.

This article provides the steps to create a new Windows virtual machine using the Easy Install method.

Installation instructions if you are not using Easy Install can be found in the Guest Operating System Installation Guide.

If you would like to make your existing physical PC into a virtual machine, you can use Migration Assistant (Fusion 3.x and later only). For information, see Best practices for using and troubleshooting Migration Assistant (1017993).


  • Before creating a virtual machine, and run MLS on Mac you must obtain the operating system and any necessary product keys for installation in that virtual machine. VMware Fusion does not come with any operating systems to install in virtual machines you create.
  • This method assumes that you are using a physical CD or a disk image (.iso / .cdr /.dmg file). You cannot create a Windows virtual machine by using .exe files downloaded from Microsoft, as those files need to be run on a Windows PC. If you downloaded a.exe file from Microsoft, log in to your order page, locate the alternate download link, and select one of the two .ISO file formats, either 32-bit or 64-bit.

To create a new Windows virtual machine using the Easy Install method:

  1. In Fusion, go to File >New. The New Virtual Machine Assistant launches.
  2. If you have a physical CD/DVD of Windows, proceed to step 3.
  3. If you are using an .iso/.cdr /.dmg image file:For Fusion 6.x:
    1. Click Install from disc or image.
    2. Click Continue.
    3. Click Use another disc or disc image.
    4. Select the ISO you downloaded, then click Open.

    For Fusion 5.x and below:

    1. Click Continue without disk.
    2. Click Use operating system installation disc image..
    3. Select the ISO you downloaded, then click Open.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose the operating system type that matches your installation media, appropriate license . For more information, see Creating a Virtual Machine Using Windows Easy Install in Getting Started with Fusion.
  5. Click Finish to begin the Windows installation process.
  6. Let the Windows  installer to complete as it would on a physical System.


For Further Assistance on how to run MLS on Mac contact us at 305-710-3960 or  <—-CLICK HERE—->


This is a second old option to run MLS on Mac:

Finally, what realtors have been waiting for!!!  MLS on Mac.

1.  Go to this Website

2. Wait for the page to load, and MLS Login page will appear.

3.  If you cannot see the Login ID or Password fields, look towards the bottom of the page.  and click where it says click here to get flash.

4.  Flash will install, and then login with your credentials

That’s all,  Enjoy it.

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Create a Google Plus Business Page in 4 Steps. IT Business Consultant


As an IT Business Consultant,  If you don’t have a Google Plus Account, you’re missing on some serious business

Here’s is how to create one in 4 Steps


To create a Google Plus page, you must first have a personal profile.

1.  From your profile you can click “Pages” in the left-hand menu.

2.  The second step involves choosing a category that defines your business. If you’re a location-based business, like a Clothing shopt or Restaurant, you’ll likely select “local business or store.” Entering your phone number will allow Google to find your business, confirm the information you enter is correct,  and find your location on Google maps. Enter your external website, select who your content is appropriate for, review Google Plus terms and select continue. You now have a Google Plus page.

3.  The third step to create a Google Plus page involves filling out your page to make it informative for followers (and potential customers). This includes describing your business, entering contact information like phone #, and email address, as well as choosing a branded profile photo (often a company’s logo).

4.  Finally, companies should put in the extra effort to make their Google Plus page visually appealing. Add appropriate branding, from a captivating cover photo to interesting photos and videos that show what you’re all about. If you’re a boutique you can post some fun behind-the-scenes footage from your spring photo shoot. If you’re a jewelry store, photos of scrumptious daily specials can draw in new customers. Also, include external links to your other web properties (website, Pinterest page, Tumblr, etc.) to help your Google search placement.




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Google Chromecast, Already a Hit!!!

chromecastGoogle Chromecast

Google unveiled Chromecast , a device that looks  set to rival Apple TV.

Google announced their new Chromecast device, a very small stick thing that plugs into your TV and allows you to play videos or music on your TV. It costs $35, and if you’re a Netflix subscriber you will get credited 3 months free,  bringing the price essentially down to $11.00 so people are very excited about it.

Google Chromecast, essentially bit more than an HDMI dongle, is Google’s first foray into the media streaming market,  and it works in some  way to Apple TV and the firm’s Airplay technology.

Google showed off the Chromecast dongle, which measures little more than 2 inches,  at an event in San Francisco .  They explained, With Google Chromecast, all you have to really do is plug it into any HDMI input on your Television, sync  to your home WiFi network, and you’re ready to go .  It simply disappears behind your TV.

Once Chromecast is plugged in, if you want to watch Youtube on your TV, you simply go to the same Youtube app on your laptop or tablet and press the Chromecast button to play it on your TV.

Google boasts that unlike Apple TV and Apple’s Airplay technology, Chromecast works in multiple operating systems, such as, Windows iOS, and Mac OS X . This was demonstrated using  Netflix on an iPhone, an app that supports the chromecast” button to fire the footage onto the TV.

Also unlike Apple’s Airplay technology, users can continue to use their tablets and phones  for browsing the web and sending emails while streaming to their TVs.

As well as enabling users to stream House of Cards from their phone to their TV, Chromecast also supports music playback and tabs within the Chrome browser, so you can share an open webpage with your television.

Google Chromecast is available in the US for just $35.


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Ten Best Gadgets For 2012

         Ten Best Gadgets For 2012

iPad 3
It’s all eyes on Apple’s latest tablet, which could be announced as soon as next month. A high-resolution 2048×1536-pixel display, 4G connectivity, an A6 processor, USB 3.0 and NFC technology (short-range radio used for contactless payment) are all rumored and it may even be 3D. What we eventually get will be a good indication of what is to come with the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5
Apple could unveil the new quad-core iPhone in June but we expect to see it on shelves by the autumn. If you felt short-changed by the 4S, this promises to be an all-new design, albeit of similar proportions (reports suggest a 5in screen has been canned).

Google tablet
Company president Eric Schmidt has hinted Google will launch its own branded tablet to rival the iPad within the next six months. Speaking to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, he revealed that Google would be ‘marketing a tablet of the highest quality’ and to expect a ‘brutal competition between Apple and Google Android’.

Apple HDTV
Not to be confused with Apple TV, its miniature set-top box, the Californian company has decided to make its own television sets as well – albeit with screens supplied by Sharp. No idea on price yet or whether a 3D option will be available, but expect an iOS operating system. Production is to begin in the spring with a mid-2012 unveiling.
Wii U
Nintendo’s next-generation home console boasts controllers with an inbuilt 6.2in touchscreen that works with your main display – or can be used as a portable gaming device. We finally get 1080p HD content and internal flash memory upgradable through USB or SD. No official release date, but 2012 looks promising.

PSP Vita
Sony’s shiny new portable games console launches here on February 22, priced from £229, and boasts impressive features such as an A9 quad-core processor and 5-inch 960×544 OLED touchscreen display. However, Sony faces stiff competition from iOS and Android gaming devices.

Google TV
Landing here in early 2012, Google’s smart TV platform can be controlled via Android mobile phones, browses the web using their popular Chrome browser, runs Android apps and includes HD web video recordings. Despite a lukewarm reception in the US, Schmidt claims that most new TV sets will carry the platform by summer 2012.

Samsung Galaxy SIII
The SII was many people’s phone of the year, so Samsung has its work cut out to meet expectation with its successor -– but the rumors sound good: a quad-core handset with up to five times the graphics quality and a 12-megapixel camera. Look out for announcements in early 2012.

Amazon Kindle Fire
An Android tablet with Amazon Kindle pedigree for £125? It sounds like the gadget bargain of the decade and the Fire is certainly hot. The 7in device doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the iPad but then it never promised that. What it does possess it uses to its full potential. Now we just need a UK release date.

Intel Ultrabooks
Ultra light, super-slim and lightning-quick PC laptops to rival the MacBook Air have arrived. We’ve already had the gorgeous Asus Zenbook, now expect other big players such as Sony, Samsung, Dell and Acer to follow suit shortly.

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The 10 Commandments of Technical Support

The 10 Commandments of Technical Support



  1. You first have to know who’s the boss. You are in business to service customer needs, and you can only do that if you know what it is your customer want. When you truly listen to your customers, they let you know what they need and how you can provide superior service. Never forget that the customer pays our salary and makes your job possible.
  2.  Be a good listener. Take the time to identify customer needs by asking questions and concentrating on what the customer is really saying. Smile, show respect, listen to their tone of voice, words, body language, and most importantly, how they feel. Do not make assumptions thinking you intuitively know what the customer wants. Do you know what three things are most important to your customer? Effective listening and undivided attention are particularly important on the show floor where there is a great danger of preoccupation – looking around to see to whom else we could be selling to.
  3.  Identify and anticipate needs. Customers do not buy products or services. They buy good feelings and solutions to technical issues. Most customer needs are emotional rather than logical. The more you know your customers and understand their business infrastructure, the better you become at anticipating their needs. Communicate regularly so that you are aware of problems or upcoming needs.
  4.  Make customers feel appreciated and important. Always use their name and find different ways to compliment them, but be genuine about it. People value sincerity. It creates good feeling and trust. Think of ways to achieve positive feelings about doing business with you. Customers are very sensitive and know whether or not you really care about them. Always thank the customer as need it, keep good posture your body language conveys sincerity. Your words and actions should be congruent.
  5.  Brief your clients understand the way your business works and which is the most effective way in which you can help them. Your organization may have the world’s best ways for getting things done, but if your customers don’t understand them, they will have the tendency to feel confused, impatient and possibly to lose a business opportunity or lead. Always take all the time you need to explain what is exactly what you do and how your organization can simplify positive future solutions.
  6.  Always be positive “Yes”. Always find unmistakable means to enhance business for your clients through means of technology. When a request arises, if reasonable indeed, tell them that you can do it, be realistic and honest about it. Figure out how afterwards. Look for ways to make doing business with you pleasant. Never lie, keep your word, if you said you were going to do something for them, get it done asap, and don’t procrastinate.
  7.  Understanding when to apologize. When something goes wrong, apologize and always offer compensation of some sort. The customer may not always be right, but at the end is your customer and they are always right. Deal with issues immediately and advise customers what you have done to resolve it. Make it simple and accessible for customers to complain. Value their complaints. As much as we dislike it, it gives us a chance to improve our methods. Always go out of you way to make the customer feel comfortable.
  8.  Provide more than expected. The bottom line lies in keeping customers happy, think of ways to levitate your self above the competition. Here are some options to consider:

◦                      Give the customers what they cannot get elsewhere

◦                      Always follow up, and be thankful.

◦                      Be on top of their technical needs, and always provide

◦                      new merging ideas for future solutions.

◦                      Use the proactive and not reactive methods for their solutions,

◦                      remember that downtime in this business is not an option.

9.  Always acquire regular feedback. Encourage and welcome suggestions as to how you can improve your level of service. There are vast varieties of ways in  which you can find out what customers think and feel about your services.

◦                      Always listen .

◦                      Follow up often times.

◦                      Provide an approach that invites constructive criticism, comments, and suggestions.

10.   Treat employees respectfully and courteous. If you treat employees as if they make a difference, they will make a difference. If you don’t treat and  respect your employees well, they won’t take your business serious.  Employees are your internal customers and need a regular dose of merit, appreciation, and incentive. Treat your employees with respect and chances are they will have a higher regard for your customers. At last, employees are the heart of the company, they are in the front line, dealing with the customer on a day to day basis. Treat them well and you’re more likely to have a successful Organization.

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