May 17, 2021

Windows 8 Password Reset

Windows 8 Reset Password

Windows 8 Reset Password

Do You Really Need to Spend $ in a Windows 8

Password Reset Tool?

  1.  In Windows 8, all of the important diagnostic and repair options available to you can be found on the Advance Startup Options (ASO) menu. Advanced Startup Options (ASO) is a centralized menu of recovery, repair, and troubleshooting tools in Windows 8. The ASO menu is also referred to as the Boot Options menu.Advanced Startup Options replaced the System Recovery Option menu available in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Some sources still refer to Windows 8’s Advanced Startup Options menu as System Recovery Options. The tools available from the Advanced Startup Options menu can be used to run almost all of the repair, refresh, Windows 8 password reset, and diagnostic tools available in Windows 8 even if Windows won’t start.

Accessing The ASO for Windows 8 Password Reset

Note:  There are several ways to access the ASO menu,  but some (Methods 1, 2, & 3) are only available if you can already get in to Windows 8, or know your password. I recommend following Method # 4, which requires that you have a Windows 8 setup disc or flash drive, or Method # 5, which requires that you have, or create, a Windows 8 Recovery Drive. Method 6 , if your computer supports it.

  1. Click on Troubleshoot, then Advanced options, and finally Command Prompt.
  2. type the following command:

copy c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\

…and then press Enter. You should see a 1 file(s) copied confirmation.

  1. Next, type this command  again followed by Enter:

copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Answer with Y or Yes to question about the overwrite of the utilman.exe file. You should now see another file copy confirmation.

  1. Remove any flash drives or discs that you may have in cd-rom drive, and then restart your computer.
  2. Once you see  the Windows 8 logon screen , click the Ease of Access icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Command Prompt should now open What Command Prompt? That’s right! The changes you made in Step 3 & 4 above replaced the Ease of Access tools with Command Prompt (don’t worry, you’ll reverse these changes in Step 11). Now that you have access to a command line, you can reset your Windows 8 password.
  3. Next you need to execute the net user command  as shown below, replacing myusername with your user name, and mynewpassword with the password you’d like to begin using:

net user myusername mynewpassword

For example, on my computer, I would execute the command like this:

net user “Frank Alegre” a@vdrkrosxir4lude

Note: You only need to use double quotes around your username if it happens to have a space in it.

Tip: If you get a The user name could not be found message, execute net user to see the list of Windows 8 users on the  computer for reference and then try again with a valid username. A System error 8646 / The system is not authoritative for the specified account…message indicates that you’re using a Microsoft account to login to Windows 8, not a local account.

  1.  Now, Close Command Prompt.
  2. Login with the new password you set in Step 7!
  3. Now that your Windows 8 password has been reset and you’re back in, either create a Windows 8 password reset disk or switch your local account to a Microsoft account. No matter which you choose, you’ll finally have legitimate, and much easier to use, Windows 8 password reset options.
  4. Finally, you should reverse the hack that makes this password reset trick work in Windows 8. To do that, repeat Steps 1 & 2 above. Once Command Prompt is open again, execute this command:

copy c:\utilman.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Confirm the overwriting by answering Yes and then restart your computer.

I hope this tutorial was able to help with Windows 8 Password Reset Issues.

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Miami Computer Maintenance 6 Steps Before Taking Your Computer in For Repair

Miami Computer Maintenance

Miami Computer Maintenance

Miami Computer Maintenance

Computers are just like any else in life, they require constant maintenance. Most of us have created a high dependency on technology to make our lives easier, and should be responsible ,and  acknowledge, the basics of your Computer Maintenance. When we don’t provide the proper computer maintenance disastrous things can happened, such as Hard drive failure, Trojan Attacks, Spyware, computer viruses,  malfunction of  Windows, loss of  information Etc.  Miami Computer Maintenance blog is targeted for all computer users and how they can be more proactive,  with their technology at Home or Business.  But with a special focus before taking a computer to a repair shop. Here are some Tips for the next time your computer breaks.

1. Do some research

Before taking your computer to just anywhere, ask your friends or family members if they know of any locally computer repair shop, finding a good and honest computer repair technician is not easy now a days.  Perform a quick Google, Yelp, or Yahoo Bing search on PC repair, Computer Repair in (area)  zipcode or city, its often important to read reviews about the company as well.

 2. What to do before you talk to a Computer Technician.

Always come up with a list of computer issues you might be experiencing, pc symptoms and problems.  Things such as error messages, computer not booting,  slow computer, annoying  pop ups, Audio, Video Display errors, Wireless connectivity problems etc.  It is important to let them know if you installed a new hardware, or software application before anything happenned.  Believe it or not anwering all these questions will make you less likely to be taken advantage off.

For Miami Computer Maintenance <—- CLICK HERE —->

3. Get a list of quotes from different Computer Repair Shops

If you don’t have anybody in mind getting quotes from your local PC repair Shops, is a good Idea, NOTE:  Cheaper is not always the right way to go!!!  Try to stick to the Computer Flat rate quotes:  here’s why, computer problems, tend to work sort of in a chain reaction, one thing will always lead to the next, Computer repair Techs can take advantage of these factors and charge you an arm or a leg, in other words with Computer repair Shops that offer flat fees, they will never be hidden charges,  Always ask if there is a Diagnostic fee

 4.  Clean your Computer from Personal Data

During the normal course of a computer repair  technicians will have access to all your files.  its often told stories on how techs were going through their clients file, when they did not have too. Usually searching for private documents, pictures, passwords for online accounts, and credit card information. Unfortunately this is an ongoing  issue that happens many times due to the lack of ethics and integrity on many computer repair companies not respecting their clients privacy.  Always make sure you delete or backup critical data from your Laptop/Desktop.

5. Protect your data

Because of the competitive existing rates in today’s economy, and the time it takes to backup and restore data,  many of the computer repair shops don’t take the time to backup your data,  Instead,  they will make you sign a paper where they will not be responsible for your data, at times you won’t even know what you’re signing. That means that if your hard drive fails during the course of fixing your pc, or if the technician makes a mistake,  your data is at stake, and you can lose years of important information.  ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA,  NEVER LEAVE YOUR DATA BACKUP TO ANY REPAIR COMPANY SHOP. Use a flash drive to backup your data or use free online backup software like Google Drive.

6. Final Step

After your computer is repaired, make sure you have a fully paid Antivirus software installed.  I personally like Kaspersky AV,  there’s many different variants to this software, contact me to find out which  Kaspersky AV type is the one you need. Don’t settle for free Antiviruses, THEY DON’T WORK.  You’ll have your system back in the shop in no time.

For any future reference you can contact me @ 305-710-3960or look us up for Miami Computer Maintenance. WE ARE HERE TO HELP

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New Apple’s M7 Motion Sensing Co processor for Iphone 5s

Apple’s M7 Motion Sensing Coprocessor learn what it does for your new Iphone 5s

The M7 is already a boon to the iPhone 5s without any third-party app support – it makes the iPhone more intelligent in terms of when to activate certain features and when to slow things down

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